Marketing and Sales

Atome Pharma Group has a dedicated staff to medical-marketing training for its sales teams. Our success is based on continuous monitoring and updating of our sales teams.

Atome Pharma Group’s Marketing team works either globally or on a one-off basis on a product, developing strategies adapted to the territories entrusted to us, and ensuring that these strategies are implemented through appropriate operational marketing in line with the partner’s strategic recommendations.

Atome Pharma Group has internally developed a strong sales network of professional sales representatives in Africa to promote products in the field, set up one-on-one meetings with physicians (General P and Specialists) & pharmacists, manage orders on behalf of Atome Pharma Group’s clients.

Atome Pharma Group has a strong network of physicians and keep a constant look at the local market trend and opportunity.

Our sales team is fully aligned with our Partners marketing and sales strategy.

Our goal is to fully represent our partners locally and assure a good and stable trend of growth.

Atome Pharma Group offers its exclusive customers comprehensive support and a customizable service to promote and develop sales of their healthcare products or solutions: management team, field force, trainer, digital support, etc.

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