Institutional Market Department

The Institutional Market (IM), often associated with the NGO’s, CMS, WHO, United Nations entities and Global Fund, is experiencing robust double-digit growth annually For players in the pharmaceutical industry, this segment represents a significant chance to enhance public health, explore new business horizons, and tackle fresh challenges.

At Atome Pharma, we provide comprehensive support to partners aiming to become certified United Nations suppliers This certification opens up new avenues for businesses to contribute to global pharmaceutical sourcing and boost their turnover.

Our IM team offers a range of services:

  • Assistance in becoming a United Nations supplier. 
  • Alerting partners to business opportunities aligned with your product portfolio.
  • Researching new opportunities, screening, local submission, and follow-up
  • Access to a large, prequalified database of products

With our support, partners can leverage these services fully or selectively, maximizing their impact on global healthcare provision.

The fight against malaria is one of Atome Pharma’s priority. Not only because we provide some high quality products with WHO prequalification from our key suppliers, but also because our local Team is continuously working in closed collaboration with the malaria stakeholders, for training, logistic support, promotion and social responsability activities.

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