Institutional Market Department

The public market also commonly called Institutional Market (IM) is dominated by NGOs, the WHO, the United Nations entities, the Global Fund and in minority by some pharmaceutical companies.

Due to constant demand, this segment is growing every year by a double-digit trend and represents a huge opportunity to improve population life, find new horizons of business and new challenges for the pharma industry players.

Atome Pharma Group Institutional Market department has a devoted team located in India, Europe, China, and Africa dedicated to the research, the screening, the submission, and the follow-up of all types of tender opportunities, at international and national levels.

Atome Pharma Group IM department has a strong and growing database of suppliers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medicals consumables, diagnostics, PPE, ready to fulfill the tender requirements and needs, for any field and any therapeutic area, in countries with or without critical situation, such as war or pandemic situation.

Before entering our system, new suppliers must be qualified by our internal Quality Assurance (QA), which is aligned with the WHO QA policy and requirements. 

Atome Pharma Group will give you a full support to become a United Nation supplier, and in this way to enter in a new business channel where you will be able to add value to pharmaceutical sourcing all around the world and increase your turnover.

Atome Pharma Group IM team can offer you a full or partial service:

  • Support to become a United Nation supplier. 
  • Alert tender aligned with your product portfolio.
  • New opportunity research, screening, local submission, and follow-up
  • Large, prequalified products database
  • Bidding and Sourcing activities

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