Quality Assurance

At Atome Pharma, our commitment to quality extends beyond individual products. We believe that excellence should penetrate every aspect of our work, from interactions with clients and partners to the overall collaboration experience.

Our Quality Management System is continuously refined to drive improvements in safety and quality.

Atome Pharma’s Quality Management System aligns with the principles and guidelines of the WHO Model Quality Assurance System for procurement agencies.

Our quality assurance process considers multiple factors, including production site risk assessment, product dossier review, and evaluation of a product’s previous performance, safety, and efficacy. It’s not just about facility approval; it’s about ensuring consistent excellence. We monitor and verify performance consistently.

• Prequalification of manufacturers
• Product qualification
• Batch verification
• Distribution
• Post release monitoring and evaluation

Atome Pharma recognises manufacturing site audits performed by WHO Pre-qualification (WHO PQ) teams or by Stringent Regulatory Authorities (SRAs) WHO prequalified or SRA-approved products undergo streamlined
checks for compliance.

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