About us

Atome Pharma Group is currently one of the leading pharmaceutical service providers in both private and public sector, in Emerging countries with a focus in English and French speaking Africa and countries with limited access to health quality.

Our location in UAE and French and English speaking Africa allows us to have an excellent control of the areas worked, with the support of senior executives who have lived there, as well as stable teams, both on the ground and in our  headquarters. These elements give Atome Pharma Group a great knowledge of the specificities of each territory.

From Dubai to Dakar through Abidjan, Yaoundé, and other capitals, women and men at Atome Pharma Group carry on our work passionately, which gives us a constant reactivity and a sense of professionalism at Service of partners as demanding as faithful.

Our mission

We work together with institutions, clients and partners as their projects launching platform and we guarantee a complete, qualified, and flexible service, making a significant effort for the right for high quality health services access to all, especially to Emerging Markets, including English and French speaking African countries.

From producer to patient, we bring the world’s health services where there is a need.


Becoming the largest global partner for health and pharma products in Africa and Emerging Market, through a double philosophy: a global vision of the market and a high attention to quality by our local network. The service we deliver to our clients, institutions and partners are continuously improved to give a better life perspective to every single person we will get in touch with. A full ratio Our sustainability policy is at the core of all our activities. 

Brand promise

We provide fully integrated and sustainable services to improve reach our stakeholders’ goal. 

Our dual global and local strategy and operations give us an eagle’s vision of our stakeholders needs and act directly and specifically to meet their overall expectations.

Core values

  • Being innovative: new processes and technologies, cutting-edge materials, to always offer an effective and latest generation services.
  • Being professional: our solutions and services are always science-based, we are always regularly updated and informed because knowledge is human and a powerful tool to improve.
  • Being empathic: to give value to the differences and similarities, we are sensitive to needs, we know the demand and preferences to offer a flexible and adequate service.
  • Be available, the right to health access should be universal; that is why we think global and act local.
  • Be a trusted partner, always transparent, effective, and responsive.

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